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Now on GitHub: Windows Azure Pack Connector

Today the Microsoft IT team released the Windows Azure Pack Connector, a solution for Azure Pack, that provides a “single pane of glass” virtual machine (VM) administration experience, where users can create and manage both private cloud VMs and public Azure cloud subscriptions and VMs.
The connector was developed based on feedback from partners, who wanted streamlined hybrid cloud administration that required one, instead of two different, portals. Microsoft IT set out to solve this problem and create a more seamless connection between private and public cloud environments and their management systems.
After success using the Windows Azure Pack Connector internally, Microsoft IT decided to release it publically. Now available for download on GitHub, the connector (codename Phoenix) enables public Azure IaaS provisioning and management via Azure Resource Manager. With the connector, administrators onboard and customize Azure subscriptions through an end-to-end installer and an automated installation test suite. Tenants use the same Azure Pack portal to provision and configure Azure VMs.
The team is excited to see how our partner network can take advantage of this open source solution. Download it today at https://github.com/microsoft/phoenix and let us know what you think in the comments.