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Speed deployment of Node.js applications on Azure with Bitnami – Webinar on Demand

Speed deployment of Node.js applications on Azure with Bitnami is a free on-demand webinar, conducted by Jose Miguel Parrella (Open Source Product Manager with Microsoft Azure) and Simon Bennett (VP of Product from Bitnami). Learn more about this webinar and register to watch it instantly.

Developers love using Bitnami application stacks in Azure. Why? It’s a powerful and flexible way to automate building, development, testing and production environments for hundreds of open source solutions in the cloud. With over 100 applications and stacks for Azure, Bitnami eliminates the complexity involved in installing server software. This makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to deploy software in minutes. So, you can get up and running on Azure with the latest version of your favorite application in just one click.
To learn more how all these work, do join Jose Miguel Parrella and Simon Bennett, as they share their vision for rapidly implementing open source application platforms and making developers successful in the cloud. This joint Microsoft and Bitnami partnership is very exciting – and we hope that by attending this free webinar, you will agree.
Register today for this webinar so you can instantly watch the discussion, demo, and Q&A to learn more about:

  • Microsoft’s approach to open source fabric and application platform;
  • Bitnami’s extensive catalog of Azure-certified images and what it means for your open source investments;
  • How Bitnami and Azure help you get to hyperscale at hyperspeed with your Node.js applications.

Register + Watch Now – Speed deployment of Node.js applications on Azure with Bitnami

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