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Highlights from the inaugural Container Camp Sydney 2017

Microsoft Australia sponsored the first ever container technology focused event in the Asia Pacific region: Container Camp Sydney at the SMC Conference Center. Approximately 520 developers and engineers who are interested in highly technical workshops and training on containers and orchestrators attended this groundbreaking three-day event in May 2017.
Container Camp Australia“Wait, what is a container?” you might be asking. Leveraging technologies like Azure Container Service, Docker, or DC/OS, engineers can package an entire runtime environment (an application, libraries, and config files) into “containers” that can be rapidly distributed using orchestration technologies (like Kubernetes or Docker Swarm) across a developer’s laptop, an on-premise datacenter, or deployed to a cloud provider with little configuration. This enables a massive increase in agility-to-market and is a part of a DevOps journey where traditional IT Operations and Software Engineering begin to merge.
On Day 1 of Container Camp Sydney, Microsoft brought in two partners, Vibrato and Industrie & Co., to each give 1.5-hour technical workshops on containers in Azure. And, in the afternoon, Brendan Burns (Microsoft Partner Engineering Leader for Azure Container Service and Azure Resource Manager, and co-founder of Kubernetes) executed an old-fashioned, 3-hour communal engineering whiteboard marathon session.
On Day 2, Brendan gave a 45-minute keynote talking about the past, present, and future of containers. He also engaged with Microsoft customers, partners, and the open source community in Australia throughout Container Camp Sydney.
Container Camp Sydney
Microsoft also had two 15-minute lightning talks during the lunch hour, where Mike Hepburn from Red Hat demoed OpenShift on Azure at the Microsoft booth, and Simon Waight (our MVP from Kloud) demoed Docker/Kubernetes/.NET Core on Azure. These sessions were a big hit.
To top things off, after the official Container Camp Sydney event, Microsoft Australia coordinated across the Docker, Kubernetes, and Container Enthusiast community organizers to create the biggest community meetup in Australian history. It all happened at the NSW Teachers Federation Auditorium. 525 attendees filled the auditorium the evening of Thursday 25 May, where Brendan Burns gave an incredible second keynote address about Platform as a Service. We also had the opportunity to announce //Build was coming to Sydney on the 29-30 June.