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Microsoft at Node Interactive 2017

Microsoft continues to make investments to ensure that Microsoft Azure is the best cloud for Node.js developers to build and deploy. Recent announcements of Azure App Service on Linux and Azure Web App for Containers, combined with support for Node.js across Azure Functions, Azure Container Service and pre-provisioned VM images, provide developers with a range of choices for hosting their Node.js apps and services across several cloud compute models offered by Azure.
At Node.js Interactive 2017 in Vancouver this week, nearForm and Microsoft announced a new alliance to help customers migrate Node.js apps to Azure, and provide enterprise-grade support for them. “By partnering with nearForm we are now bringing their multi-year expertise in architecting, designing and supporting Node.js apps to developers as they adopt Azure and build on top of our cloud,” wrote Gaurav Seth, Microsoft Principal PM Manager of JavaScript Platform and Tools.
Node Interactive attendees can also request a Node Clinic at the event with nearForm’s Node.js experts and Microsoft’s Azure experts, including members of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee. At each Node Clinic, clients can have a free, one-to-one, twenty-minute session to discuss any issues with their Node.js applications and services.
Outside of catching up with us in a Node Clinic, the Microsoft booth, or watching Rachel White’s Thursday keynote, below is a rundown of the Microsoft sessions throughout the week, spanning topics like serverless, VS Code, and IoT. Follow us @OpenAtMicrosoft to get the latest updates


A  Complete IoT Workshop (11:00am)
In this hands on workshop, you’ll work in a small group to hook a Raspberry Pi 3 and a simple electronic circuit and then write the code to send data to Azure IoT. You’ll read a camera, flash lights, push buttons, and learn a lot about the full spectrum IoT solution development. If you like hacking on hardware and software, or if you have never done this but want to try, this workshop is for you.  Speaker: Jeremy Foster, Microsoft Senior Software Engineer
Location: West Meeting Room 117
VS Code: Optimize Your Node.js Development “Inner Loop” (11:40am)
VS Code…Maybe you’ve heard about it, or you’ve seen your friends using it. Maybe you’ve tried it once or twice, or maybe you use it every single day. No matter what camp you fall into, in this session you’ll learn something new about using VS Code and how to quickly build and deploy node.js applications and micro-services. Speaker: Chris Dias, Microsoft Program Manager
Location: West Ballroom A
N-API – Next generation Node API for native modules (3:00pm)
Until now, native module maintainers have had to recompile for each Node.js release as well as potentially updating their code to cope with the rapid pace of changes in the v8 APIs. The community API working group has been developing the N-API to help solve this problem and insulate modules from changes in the v8 APIs. With an initial version of the API slated to be part of Node version 8 as an experimental feature, it is a good time to come learn about the shape and usage of the new API from those working to implement it.
Speakers: Michael Dawson, IBM Senior Software Developer; Arunesh Chandra, Microsoft Sr. Program Manager, ChakraCore
Location: West Meeting Room 120
The Node.js Event Loop: Not So Single Threaded (3:40pm) 
You’ve heard Node.js is single threaded. It’s true that all JavaScript executed by Node.js is run in a single thread, but JS isn’t all. The event loop, written in C++, is multi-threaded. Come learn how the event loop works, how it affects performance, and how you can use it your advantage. Speaker: Bryan Hughes, Microsoft Technical Evangelist
Location: West Meeting Room 120


The Future is Serverless: What That Means for Node.js (10:20am)
Serverless computing is sweeping the cloud industry and transforming how we’re building applications on the cloud. Node.js has been the first language each of the major serverless providers has supported from day 1. Node.js applications written for serverless are changing from their “server”ed past. We’ll discuss why serverless went Node.js first, what impact this will have on Node.js developers, and finally, what consequences this might have on Node.js’s ecosystem. Speaker: Christopher Anderson, Microsoft Program Manager
Location: West Meeting Room 120
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