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Azure credits for open source projects

Microsoft is granting Azure credits to open source projects to help with their testing, builds, and other development work.

Here's more about some of the projects already participating in the program.

  • FreeBSD
    FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system for servers, desktops, and embedded platforms. Azure credits have helped developers to work on custom kernels. They are now releasing more timely updates for security advisories for third-party software and spinning up larger VM classes for package building and smaller VM classes for testing, both of which are hugely helpful to their developers.
  • AlmaLinux
    AlmaLinux OS is a 1:1 binary compatible clone of RHEL®, guided and built by the community. They were the first downstream RHEL clone to be released after the announcement by RedHat that support for CentOS Linux was ending, and their goal is to provide an option for folks who have historically used CentOS Linux, and for whom CentOS Stream is not an option. The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit created for the benefit of the AlmaLinux OS community.
  • Haskell
    Haskell is a purely functional programming language. Azure credits are helping their continuous integration system, releases, their GitLab instances, and other builds.
  • Snakemake
    The Snakemake workflow management system is a tool for creating reproducible and scalable data analyses. Workflows are described via a human-readable, Python-based language, and Snakemake enables these to be seamlessly scaled to server, cluster, grid, and cloud environments.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Azure credits for open source projects program.

  • What is this program?
    Microsoft is offering grants of Azure credits to open source projects to help with their short-term development, infrastructure, and testing needs. Workloads such as long-term website hosting, continuous integration, and permanent database hosting are not a good fit for this program.
  • Why is Microsoft running this program?
    We are giving back to the open source ecosystem we participate in and depend on.
  • What are the grants for and how long do they last?
    Each grant will be given through May 31st of the calendar year. Applicants will need to re-apply each year if they would like credits again.
  • What open source projects are eligible to apply?
    Any open source project with an OSI-approved license and a formalized Code of Conduct is eligible to apply.
  • How do I apply?
    Fill out and submit the application form on the Apply tab.
  • If granted credits, what is required?
    Projects will need to have or setup some kind of Microsoft account ( mail, or have a Microsoft 365 account) to connect the subscription to. Azure requires a credit card to connect to a subscription as well. Notice is provided before credits expire if you need to spin down resources or cancel the subscription to avoid charge.
  • When will I be notified of the decision on my application?
    We review all applications and notify all applicants of our decisions within 3-4 weeks.

Apply for the Azure credits for open source projects program

You can use this page to apply for the Azure credits for open source projects program.

Applications to the program will be reviewed and you will receive a notification of the decision within 3-4 weeks.