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Open Source enables Microsoft products and services to bring choice, technology and community to our customers.

Microsoft's communities Get involved

We are building value together and welcome everyone to participate. Together, in the open, it's an exciting time to use technology to build hacks, apps, and services.

Learn from our enterprise-scale approach Our program & tools

We have worked to develop a strong open source program over the past decade, making it easy for every team at Microsoft to choose to use, contribute to, and release open source software.

Many of our tools and approaches are available for you to learn from, too.

Innovate faster and more securely with open source on Azure

Build on a highly secure cloud platform designed to protect your data and business assets, including proactive, comprehensive compliance coverage. Gain the flexibility to move your app anywhere. Operate seamlessly and elastically, on-premises, in hybrid or multicloud environments, or at the edge.

Community Resources

We welcome you to our open communities. Please check out our Code of Conduct and one-time Contributor License Agreement to help us all participate with care.