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Celebrating Joomla Day Malaysia 2015

One of the largest open source and non-commercial events of the year in Kuala Lumpur is Joomla Day Malaysia held last August 2015. The event’s aim was to bring the Joomla community together to share knowledge and best practices, as well as to network with key Joomla developers.


Joomla! Celebrated 10 Years!

Sam Suresh, Joomla’s Community Manager in Malaysia, organised the event and shared some insights from the day.
“Joomla! is very popular among private and government sector in Malaysia. However in recent years, there is a myth that Joomla! is not secure and seen a drastic downtrend,” reported Mr Suresh. “So we decided to get Joomla! users together to introduce the new Joomla!.”
Joomla Day Malaysia attracted more than 245 participants from all over the country. Some participants even came from Polytechnic Mersing which is approximately 351 km away.
Microsoft was one of the main sponsors of Joomla Day Malaysia 2015.
“I was truly amazed to see Microsoft’s openness policy and support towards open source projects,” Mr Suresh said.
At the Joomla Day event, Sarah Watz, President of Open Source Matters, was one of the keynote speakers. She spoke about how Joomla! is changing lives.
Dinesh Nair, DX Vice President of Microsoft, was also another keynote speaker who talked about the Windows Platform Overview on Joomla!.
Astiostech, one of Microsoft’s customers, was also a sponsor at the event. Astiostech offers feature-rich IP-PBX telephony solutions hosted on Microsoft’s public cloud, Azure. “Joomla Day opened a whole new possibility for us, about 90% of the participants haven’t even heard of Azure let alone, telephony on Azure”, said Sanjay Willie from Astiostech. To help bridge the gap in knowledge, one of the Astiostech team members, Aswin, also presented on the day.
Other speakers from different countries and organizations include: Puneet Kala (India), Shaiffulnizam (Malaysia), Henry Nguyen (Vietnam), Mark Lee (Malaysia), Apirat Jangjit (Thailand), Akarawuth (Thailand), Don Tian (China), AJ Lin (Taiwan), Harisfazillah Jamel (Malaysia), Nik Faris (Malaysia), and Sam Suresh (Joomla Malaysia).
Apart from the official sessions, Joomla! also took the opportunity to celebrate its 10th birthday at the event.
For more on deploying Joomla! on Azure, check out the Azure site.