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Now available in preview: R Server inside Azure HDInsight

This week at Strata + Hadoop World, Microsoft announced the availability of R Server inside Azure HDInsight, Microsoft’s managed Hadoop-as-a-service part of Azure Data Lake.
R is a very popular programming language that helps millions of data scientists solve their most challenging problems in fields ranging from computational biology to quantitative marketing. R Server for Azure HDInsight is a scale-out implementation of R integrated with Hadoop and Spark clusters created from HDInsight. It is the only 100% open source R implementation that runs in the cloud on Hadoop and Spark.
R server announcement
This release gives users the familiarity of the R language for machine learning while leveraging the scalability and reliability built into Hadoop and Spark. It also eliminates memory and processing constraints and easily extends their code from their laptop to large multi-terabyte files producing models that are more powerful and accurate.
For more on this news and how to get started, check out the Azure blog.
Ready to get started with the preview now? Sign up for an Azure subscription or a free trial and get a R Server for HDInsight cluster up and running in minutes.