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DevOps on Azure: Resources and Updates

With DevOps on Azure, you can accelerate your application delivery life cycle. Find out more about tools and services that are available for you and your organization.
DevOps on Azure
Whether you’re a developer working in a startup or an IT professional in a growing enterprise, your software applications likely include both Linux- and Windows-based components. With our Microsoft Azure cloud platform, you can also use a host of popular open source DevOps tools such as Puppet, Chef, Terraform, and more.
In this collection of resources, you can find out how to maximise the tools available to you.
DevOps Self Assessment – Start here to gauge your readiness in the 7 key DevOps practice areas. Completing this assessment will provide you with a framework to better understand your current DevOps practices and where to focus next. For each of these practice areas, there is a drill-down to help you assess your current methods as well as ways to scale.

Video Series

DevOps Fundamentals – In this video series from Channel 9, you will be walked through the fundamentals of DevOps, starting with an introduction to the concepts and then drills into DevOps practices. You will learn the basics of the most commonly implemented practices and you can watch technical demos for each one.

Case Study

Learn how Bing engineering team uses DevOps on Azure to deploy thousands of services a week.

DevOps Courses

Learn DevOps from Microsoft Virtual Academy – These free, on-demand DevOps courses can help you to learn how to evolve within an organization by focusing on people, processes, and the tools to make your application lifecycle faster and more predictable for both your Developers and your Operations team.

Other DevOps Resources

  • DevOps Dimension – The show for anyone beginning or continuing the DevOps journey from Channel 9
  • DevOps Blog – This where you can learn more about DevOps best practices and share how DevOps is emerging and evolving.
  • Journey to DevOps – An eBook in PDF that shares the lessons learned as Microsoft transitioned from shipping in a box every three years to shipping online every three weeks.

Free DevOps Webinars

  • Puppet, Chef, Docker and Microsoft Azure – Buzz or Reality? – Rediscover the tools that are already at your disposal like Puppet, Chef and Docker and see how you can drastically improve performance across most of these points using Azure. At the end of this on-demand webinar, you should be able to generate a high try & fail frequency without unsettling your teams or starting a developer vs. system internal war.
  • DevOps on Azure – Configuration Management – Get a flavour of tools and platforms supported by Azure in this on-demand webinar. We will talk about PowerShell, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef and Docker during this session and demonstrate how to set up an end to end configuration for your application.

Useful Presentations from //build

  • Building Applications Using the Azure Container Service – This presentation offers guidance on how to navigate building real world applications using Docker Containers. Azure Container Service aims to make you love containers regardless of how many you deploy. In this session, you’ll learn about Azure’s container strategy from the beginning to today and on into the near future.There will be practical demos and offers a look at why the Azure Container Service is necessary.
  • A Lap Around Azure’s Open Source Driven Innovation, Part I: Shipping Penguins in the Cloud -From unikernels to aPaaS, and from DevOps to managed services, open source is where things are happening. In this first part of a two-part series, you will see how Azure approaches open source innovation in the cloud Part 1 – Fabric & Applications. There will be talk on what’s in store for Java and Node.js developers in Azure – from PaaS to SDKs, whether you run in application servers like JBoss, in container platforms like Docker+Mesos or OpenShift or whether you build your own multi-cloud environments with Terraform, Azure and its partners work 24/7 to get you trusted technology stacks with scale and agility. Find out how Azure can help you harness the power of open source innovation today, and start writing your open journey in the cloud.