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Azure CLI 2.0 now generally available

This week Microsoft announced the general availability Azure CLI 2.0, including the vm, acs, storage and network commands. These commands provide a rich interface for a large array of use cases, from disk and extension management to container cluster creation.
With this release, customers can now use these commands in production, with full support by Microsoft both through our Azure support channels or GitHub. Azure CLI 2.0 is open source and on GitHub.
“This new version of Azure CLI should feel much more native to developers who are familiar with command line experiences in the bash environment for Linux and macOS with simple commands that have smart defaults for most common operations and that support tab completion and pipe-able outputs for interacting with other text-parsing tools like grep, cut, jq and the popular JMESpath query syntax,” wrote Kamaljit Bath, Microsoft Principal Program Manager. “It’s easy to install on the platform of your choice and learn.”
For more on this release, including how install and get started with CLI, check out the Azure blog. Let us know what you think in the comments.