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Announcing the availability of N|Solid in the Azure Marketplace

As part of Microsoft’s vision for Node.js in the cloud, we’re excited to announce the availability of N|Solid in the Azure Marketplace. N|Solid is a 100% compatible Node.js runtime, that has been enhanced to enable increased control and visibility into the state of your production deployments. It does this by providing additional enterprise-grade capabilities such as real-time vulnerability detection, threshold-based alerts, and rich performance analysis for both CPU and memory usage.

The availability of N|Solid in the Azure Marketplace adds another great option for organizations who are running Node.js-based applications in the cloud, and are looking for greater support with maintaining the security, reliability and performance of their production deployments.
As part of today’s announcement, the following two VMs are available now in the Azure Marketplace:

  • An N|Solid Runtime VM, which is Ubuntu-based, comes pre-installed with the latest Node.js LTS-compatible release, and provides the runtime environment for your production applications
  • An N|Solid Console VM, which provides a pre-configured environment for the N|Solid Console dashboard that enables you to monitor your N|Solid-based applications

You can get started with N|Solid in Azure today by provisioning one of the images in the Azure Marketplace and checking out the NodeSource blog for more details. If you don’t already have an Azure subscription, you can sign up now for a free 30-day trial.