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Microsoft’s open source Project Olympus grows partner ecosystem

Introduced in November 2016, Project Olympus is Microsoft’s next generation rack-level solution that is open sourced through Open Compute Project. Since inception Project Olympus has attracted a large group of partners from compute silicon providers to ODMs, OEMs and component manufacturers and is becoming the de facto open compute standard for cloud workloads.
Last week, Microsoft’s Kushagra Vaid, General Manager of Azure Hardware Infrastructure, addressed the 2017 Open Compute Project (OCP) U.S. Summit to share how this first-of-its-kind open hardware development model has created a vibrant industry ecosystem for datacenter deployments across the globe in both cloud and enterprise.
“This is a significant moment as we usher in a new era of open source hardware development with the OCP community,” wrote Vaid. “We intend for Project Olympus to provide a blueprint for future hardware development and collaboration at cloud speed.”

To learn more about Project Olympus and all the partners involved, check out the Azure blog or view the specification at our OCP GitHub branch. Let us know what you think about Project Olympus in the comments.