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How to optimize your data architecture with Hadoop on Azure

Microsoft and Hortonworks are collaborating to bring you a series of live webinars on Hadoop!  These are the first two webinars: Accelerating Big Data Collection for Azure Cloud (February 2017) and A Winning Cloud Strategy For Your Hadoop Environment (March 2017).
The latest webinar on offer is How To Optimize Your Data Architecture With Hadoop On Azure. It will be held on April 05 2017, 10am SGT (Singapore Time) and presented by Ned Shawa (Hortonworks) and Ben Sadeghi (Microsoft).
How to Optomise your Data Architecture with Hadoop on AzureWebinar Description:
You may be up all night wondering how enterprise organizations deal with large data volumes and data varieties without significantly increasing costs. And perhaps your existing data architectures are not equipped to handle today’s data? Join this webinar to learn how to optimize your data architecture and gain significant insights into cost savings with Hadoop on Azure.
The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Big data challenges and how cloud architecture can help you address them; and
  • Advantages of HDP on Azure (storage, ETL, refining of new data types).

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