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Meet up with JavaScript and TypeScript pros in Prague, Bucharest, and Łódź

Last week, our resident JavaScript and TypeScript pros, Josh Gavant and Dan Silver began a tour through Central and Eastern Europe, covering how these popular open source technologies are supported on Microsoft’s cloud platform.
There are a few more stops this week, including Prague, Bucharest, and Łódź. Below are summaries of what’s included in each meetup and links to register. Hope to see you there!
WUG Czech Republic Meetup (April 3)
TypeScript has seen a huge increase in popularity among open source developers. The ecosystem is maturing and TypeScript 2.0 brought necessary features for many JavaScript developers to make the switch. In this session, you’ll look at new features in TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 to see what’s useful for developers to start using today. From async functions to easier imports to mapped types, there’s plenty to be excited about!
Bucharest JS Meetup (April 4)
JavaScript’s simplicity, ubiquity, and event-driven paradigm, and its high performance runtimes like Microsoft’s Chakra and Google’s V8, have led it to spread beyond web pages and browsers to servers and clouds, IoT devices, mobile apps, and more via the Node.js platform. For years Microsoft has worked closely with industry and community partners to build and improve Node.js to meet developers’ needs, from contributing Node’s main system library years ago to driving better diagnostics today. In this session, learn more about the history of Node.js, why developers are so interested in it, and what’s coming next from Microsoft and the open source project to address Node developers’ needs.
Dev@Łódź Meetup (April 5)
With a focus on TypeScript, we’ll cover all the steps for monetizing existing Android applications. After a discussion about strategies and the different types of in app purchases, we’ll look at sample code for subscriptions and one-time purchases. After this live coding demo we’ll talk about: open source and commercial tools that help increase purchase rates, edge cases to consider when monetizing apps, and how the app store adjusts prices on a global market.