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Microsoft R Server 9.1 now available

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During yesterday’s Data Amp event, Microsoft announced the new Microsoft R Server 9.1, which is available now. In addition to several advanced machine learning algorithms from Microsoft, R Server 9.1 introduces pre-trained neural network models for sentiment analysis and mage featurization and supports SparklyR, SparkETL, and SparkSQL.
This release also includes the updated Microsoft R Client, which is now available on Linux (specifically, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, and SUSE) in addition to Windows. The Microsoft R Client is free and has all of the same capabilities as Microsoft R Server for a standalone machine (or, you can use it to push heavy workloads to a remote Microsoft R Server, SQL Server or compute cluster).
You can download Microsoft R Server 9.1 today from MSDN and Visual Studio Dev Essentials. It comes packed with tons of value built on top of the latest open source R engine that makes R enterprise-class. For more on this news, check out the SQL Server blog.