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New "Designing Distributed Systems" O'Reilly e-book, available for free download

Without established design patterns to guide them, developers have had to build distributed systems from scratch, and most of these systems are very unique. Today, the increasing use of containers has paved the way for core distributed system patterns and reusable containerized components.
Application containers have grown significantly in popularity over the last few years, and Kubernetes has emerged as the favorite container orchestration system. It simplifies the deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers and is well supported by a large community of users.
O'Reilly Designing Distributed Systems e-book imageThis practical O’Reilly guide presents a collection of repeatable, generic patterns to help make the development of reliable distributed systems far more approachable and efficient. Author Brendan Burns—Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft Azure and co-founder of the Kubernetes project—demonstrates how you can adapt existing software design patterns for designing and building reliable distributed applications.
Below are some links to find the Azure service and open source projects for your container needs:

  • Azure Container Service (AKS)— Develop and deploy using the popular container orchestration system
  • Azure Container Instances (ACI) — Easily run containers on Azure with a single command
  • Open Source Innovations — Check out open source projects contributed and maintained by Microsoft such as Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes; Draft, for streamlined Kubernetes development; Brigade, an event driven scripting tool for Kubernetes and Kashti, a dashboard for Brigade pipelines.

We hope you find Designing Distributed Systems useful for your projects. We’re also working on labs to accompany the book, including a live webinar with Brendan Burns on April 25, which you can sign up for here.