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Phippy and friends join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

We’re so excited to share that Phippy is headed to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)! Microsoft has donated Phippy and friends, along with our original book The Illustrated Children Guide to Kubernetes, to CNCF!

What does this mean? It means that the characters you know and love are now free to use as you start teaching others about cloud native computing. Phippy’s gone open source with all assets under the Creative Commons license. We look forward to seeing these characters continue to promote new learnings, and we encourage you to take Phippy on your own adventures!

What better way to celebrate Phippy’s new journey than with a new story? Microsoft partnered with CNCF to create a new story, and a new character, to celebrate the collaboration. As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment and continued support of the open source community, Matt Butcher and I are excited to share our new book – Phippy Goes to The Zoo: A Kubernetes Story!

In the new book, Aunt Phippy takes her niece Zee on a trip to the zoo, where they observe some peculiar critters. Join a loveable giraffe and a hightop-wearing zebra as they learn about Kubernetes:

If you’re interested in learning more about Kubernetes on Azure, check out http://aka.ms/LearnAKS and try AKS here.

Download a copy of the book from Microsoft here.

You can visit Phippy and friends at their new CNCF website: https://phippy.io.