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Now Available: Bitbucket Pipes for Azure

Bitbucket Cloud customers can now plumb their Bitbucket Pipelines to Azure, automatically building, testing and deploying their code, all based on a configuration file in their repositories. Bitbucket Pipes for Azure are a set of deployment-oriented pipes for developers to use against common Azure services and scenarios, helping them turn their code into solutions faster.

Bitbucket Pipes for Azure overview

Each of the Bitbucket Pipes (listed below) make it possible to deploy code to the Azure cloud in a single step in a Bitbucket Pipeline. You can streamline CI/CD to create new or use existing Azure deployment templates, commands, and patterns as pipes for your favorite Azure services. With every pipe you will find comprehensive guidance and examples for end-to-end scenarios in the documentation.

User development workflow benefits

With Bitbucket Pipes you can easily develop and deploy wherever you want: on premises, in the cloud, or take a hybrid approach. With a combination of pipes, you can create a workflow that covers resource creation, code deployment, resource removal, and execution of any Azure command using your existing Azure credentials.

Bitbucket Pipes for Azure also helps you optimize operations and transform project development.  Because the pipes are available for all your repos, they can help your team to be more productive, wherever you choose to deploy your Azure code – in the cloud or at the edge.

List of Bitbucket Pipes

azure-aks-deploy Azure Kubernetes Service Deployment Pipe
azure-aks-helm-deploy Azure Kubernetes Service Helm Deployment Pipe. Helm is an open source project for managing Kubernetes charts.
azure-vm-linux-script-deploy Azure Virtual Machine Linux Script Deploy Pipe. Use a Virtual Machine script extension on an Azure Linux Virtual Machine
azure-vmss-linux-script-deploy Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Linux Script Deploy Pipe. Use a Virtual Machine script extension on an Azure Linux Virtual Machine Scale Set
azure-functions-deploy Azure Functions Deployment Pipe, for running your code in an event-driven, serverless compute platform.
azure-arm-deploy Azure Resource Manager Template Pipe. This allows you to provision your applications using a declarative JSON template
azure-cli-run Azure Command Line Interface Deployment Pipe. Can be used to execute an Azure CLI command
azure-web-apps-deploy Azure Web Apps Deploy Pipe. Deploys an application to Azure Web Apps
azure-web-apps-containers-deploy Azure Web Apps for Containers Deploy Pipe. Deploys a container to Azure Web Apps for Containers
azure-storage-deploy Azure Storage Deployment Pipe. Move files and folders to and from Azure Blob Storage

Get started with Bitbucket Pipes for Azure

To get started with Bitbucket Pipes, sign up for a free Microsoft Azure account at https://azure.com/free. In addition to Bitbucket Pipes, open source technologies supported on Azure span management, applications, infrastructure, databases, middleware and app frameworks.

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