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Unboxing new Microsoft Azure solutions at SpringOne Platform 2019

Spring and Java are first-class citizens on Microsoft Azure and our engineering teams have been working really hard for the past few years to make the developer experience for building and running Spring applications on Azure delightful and productive. To present to you this team’s great work, Microsoft is again coming to SpringOne Platform this year with major announcements to share with the Spring community.

Announcements during the keynote

We’re excited to share new groundbreaking Azure features that will help you run your Spring applications the only way they should: in a very cloud-native way! These announcements will be highlighted during SpringOne’s keynote on Tuesday morning at 9am CT, with Microsoft and Pivotal together on stage giving you all the details and providing you with a live demo.

Breakout sessions

After the keynote, there will be two joint Microsoft/Pivotal deep-dive conference sessions on how to run Spring Boot on Azure with these new features.

Julien Dubois (Microsoft) and Josh Long (Pivotal) will do a live-coding session labeled “Running Spring Boot Applications Efficiently on Azure” where they will start from start.spring.io and take you on a journey to production (the best place on earth, according to Josh!) using Azure. As they use a microservice architecture, they will detail how you can benefit from Azure’s unique features to deploy, scale, and monitor your Spring Boot components, and how the new reactive programming model championed by Spring helps to have better scalability and performance.

Running Spring Boot Applications Efficiently on Azure
Wednesday 3:20pm–3:50pm in Ballroom D

Asir Selvasingh (Microsoft), Richard Seroter (Pivotal) and Vaibhav Agrawal (Best Buy) will get together to detail the right way to use Microsoft Azure with your Spring apps. In this session, you will get the latest news on the Azure Spring Boot starters and learn more about connectivity between your app and the many services provided by Microsoft.

Spring Data to Spring Cloud to Spring Security: How Azure Supercharges Spring Boot
Wednesday 11:30am–12:40pm in Ballroom G

.NET expands at SpringOne

The presence of .NET speakers and content shouldn’t surprise you either. This year, there are exactly 10 sessions from speakers from different companies like VMWare, Confluent, Magenic Technologies, Fiserv, and of course Pivotal and Microsoft, showcasing their use of .NET Framework, Steeltoe and other cloud-native technologies for the .NET developers attending the conference.

We have two in particular for your consideration, but make sure you visit the session catalog and filter by the “.net” tag to find all the other eight great presentations.

.NET Application Modernization with PAS and Azure DevOps
Thursday 12:30pm–1:30pm in Room 8CD

Putting Pivotal Platform to the Hybrid Cloud Test: Azure
Wednesday 4:20pm–5:30pm in Room 8AB

During the whole conference, the Azure engineering team together with product managers and developer advocates, will be present at the Microsoft booth to demonstrate all you need to know about Spring on Azure: don’t hesitate to come and ask questions.

We wish you a great show, and hope to see you there.