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Participate in the Java EE cloud migration patterns survey

The Java on Microsoft Azure team has been strengthening its commitment and outreach to Java EE users. This effort includes additional technical guidance, tools, scripts, workshops, and more to better support migrations to Virtual Machines, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and managed service (PaaS) offerings.

We are working with key industry partners like Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, and Payara to better support runtimes, including WebLogic, WebSphere Traditional, Open/WebSphere Liberty, JBoss EAP, WildFly, and Payara on Microsoft Azure.

Some currently available and recent examples of this work include:

  • Enabling most use cases for WebLogic on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines through a set of solutions jointly developed and supported with Oracle.
  • Guidance for integrating WebSphere/Open Liberty with Azure Active Directory via OpenID Connect – developed in collaboration with IBM.
  • Public preview for JBoss EAP on App Service, jointly supported by Microsoft and Red Hat.
  • Preview for supporting JMS on Azure Service Bus.
  • Guidance for migrating to WildFly on AKS.

Work items upcoming shortly as part of our Java EE on Microsoft Azure customer outreach include:

  • Enabling WebLogic on AKS in partnership with Oracle.
  • Guidance for running WebSphere/Open Liberty applications on Azure Red Hat OpenShift, developed in collaboration with IBM.
  • Enabling JBoss EAP on Virtual Machines, in collaboration with Red Hat.

We hope to fully enable Java EE customers as first-class citizens on Microsoft Azure through these efforts steadily.

Java EE on Azure diagram

There is no substitute to working closely, one-on-one with actual users. Solutions developed in a vacuum are rarely on-point. The ideal is to get real-world, experience-based feedback on the solutions we provide as we develop and release them iteratively.

We’re looking for Java EE users and customers who will work closely with the Microsoft team responsible for developing these solutions. If desired, Microsoft is hoping to help some customers with a free migration proof-of-concept. If this sounds interesting, please fill out this 5-minute survey.

Survey screenshot

The survey attempts to better understand the common use cases we need to support in order to help customers realize all the benefits of the cloud. If you would like the team to connect with you directly, please include your contact information at the end. Even if you are not necessarily interested in migrating to Microsoft Azure right now, your feedback on what you would like to see is still very valuable.

Also, if you know someone who would like to participate, please forward the survey link. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Take the 5-minute survey.

Questions about the survey? Please let us know in the comments below.