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Empowering you to achieve more with open source on Azure

Open source plays a critical role in your application development and modernization. At Microsoft, we are taking cloud architecture to the next level and our open cloud reduces the friction for developers to get applications up and running. We give autonomy and control to developers to flexibly choose their infrastructure and give them options to build, migrate, and deploy across multiple environments on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Our philosophy is to give developers the best technology as quickly as possible. We are a tools company at our core, and we are constantly innovating and pushing out the latest code so that you can take our best technology and build your best technology, fast.

To learn more about how Microsoft is making it easier to build scalable applications and contributing to open source projects visit our most recent blog post, “Gain flexibility to run open source applications your way with Microsoft Azure.”

Azure is the cloud for open source developers

You have endless possibilities on your cloud-native journey as new technologies and patterns are emerging every day. Azure supports developers to build on their terms, with integrated support for open source tools, languages, and third-party integrations of choice. We are constantly improving Azure for all. Our open cloud allows you to be free from infrastructure management, without the fear of vendor lock-in so that you can focus on delivering impact. Learn from developers around the globe why they chose Azure from our Developers Tell All video below.

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At Microsoft Build, we shared new technologies to enable developers to develop flexibly and innovate quickly on Microsoft Azure. Check out our session, “Run Open Source Applications your way with Microsoft Azure,” and our demos to see how we are empowering developers. Get the latest updates on the open source blog to learn how our engineers are innovating with open source and follow us on Twitter.