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Eugene Chuvyrov
Eugene Chuvyrov works on the Commercial Software Engineering at Microsoft. In his role, he gets to both help and learn from many OSS developers inside and outside Microsoft working with our cloud platform. When he’s not working, he’s usually outdoors on a bike or swimming with his family.
5 min read

Use case: Modern Service Mesh with Consul on Azure (Part 2) 

This is the second part of a two-part series introducing you to HashiCorp Consul on Azure. In the first…

6 min read

Use case: Modern service discovery with Consul on Azure (Part 1) 

Overview This two-part article introduces you to Consul, a service mesh solution from HashiCorp. In the first part,…

4 min read

Deploying and using HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise on Azure 

Many Azure customers have adopted HashiCorp Terraform as their infrastructure provisioning tool of choice. We are working closely…

2 min read

HashiCorp Vault speaks Azure Active Directory 

As an increasing number of customers move to the cloud, including multi-cloud and hybrid environments, securing infrastructure at…