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What’s new in the latest release: Terraform Azure provider v1.22.0  

In order to provide more clarity into what’s changed in each Terraform AzureRM provider release, we’re kicking off a blog series that will provide the highlights for each release. We will continue to provide details on every release in the Change Log for the provider within the GitHub repo as well.

If you are looking for what’s coming up in future releases, we are marking issues that we expect to include in the next release or two by adding the appropriate milestones, which correlate with the release versions. For these details, you can check out the milestones section of the AzureRM repo.

Release highlights

The v1.22 release includes a few new resources, which are duplicates of existing resources. The purpose of this is to correct some invalid naming so that we can remove the mis-named resources in the next major version of the Provider (version 2.0.0). Unless otherwise noted each new resource provides the same functionality as the depreciated resource.

New-ish (duplicated) resources

  • Resources
    • azurerm_log_analytics_linked_service: This resource replaces the azurerm_log_analytics_workspace_linked_service For additional details about this resource refer to the provider documentation.
    • azurerm_monitor_autoscale_setting: This resource replaces the azurerm_autoscale_setting For additional details about this resource refer to the provider documentation.
    • azurerm_monitor_metric_alertrule: This resource replaces the azurerm_metric_alertrule For additional details about this resource refer to the provider documentation.
  • Data Sources

New resources

Depreciated resources

As of this release, we are depreciating a few resource properties. Your current configurations will not break with these changes. However, you should begin to migrate away from the depreciated properties so that your configuration aren’t broken by a future release.

Resource/data source Added property Depreciated property
azurerm_application_gateway fqdns fqdn_list
azurerm_application_gateway ip_addresses ip_address_list

use azurerm_network_interface_application_

security_group_association instead

azurerm_key_vault_key key_vault_id vault_uri
azurerm_key_vault_secret key_vault_id vault_uri
azurerm_key_vault_certificate key_vault_id vault_uri





Other improvements

This release includes numerous other improvements and bug fixes. For the full list please reference the Change Log. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Added http2, file upload limit, custom error configuration and host name from backend address support to AzureRM_Application_Gateway resource.
  • Support finding roles by name in the AzureRM_Role_Definition resource.
  • Improvements to a number of database resources, including CosmosDB, Data Lake, Microsoft SQL Server & PostgreSQL.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions to make these updates more useful for you.