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Kylie Liang
Kylie is Sr. Program Manager within Microsoft's Cloud + Enterprise Group. She focuses on DevOps and open source, including Ansible and Kubernetes, and Java tooling on Microsoft Azure. She has been working with open source communities for several years and is a board director of the FreeBSD Foundation.
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Connect with the Azure team at AnsibleFest 

I am super excited to attend my first AnsibleFest, where the Azure team team will deliver new demos…

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Tutorial: Automate infrastructure and deployment on Azure using Jenkins and Ansible 

Both Ansible and Jenkins are powerful open source automation tools. Using Ansible, you can provision virtual machines, containers,…

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Tutorial: Using Azure REST API in Ansible to automate Azure resources 

Ansible 2.6 was released with more capabilities to provision and manage Azure resources. It includes four new modules…

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Automate more Azure resources with Ansible 2.5 and Galaxy 

Recently, Microsoft announced several key improvements to the developer experience when using Ansible on Azure, including Ansible in…