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Mark Hill
Mark Hill is the Vice President for Open Source Sales and Marketing at Microsoft and responsible for growing the Microsoft business around the open source ecosystem globally and helping customers and partners derive value from a combination of Microsoft and open source technologies.
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Bitnami makes deploying open source apps in the cloud easy 

With more than one million apps deployed per month, Bitnami is changing how people install and manage server…

2 min read

OpenSistemas is the 2016 Open Source on Azure Partner of the Year 

Today we’re proud to name OpenSistemas the winner of the second annual Open Source on Azure Partner of…

4 min read

Microsoft at OSCON 2016 

A planeload of open source enthusiasts from across Microsoft are joining the more than 4,200 participants at OSCON…

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Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 

At Build 2016, Microsoft announced a series of updates reflecting the company’s commitment to support developers with their…

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux now available in the Azure Marketplace 

Starting today, customers can deploy on-demand Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) instances from the Azure Marketplace, where now…

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With new partnership, Red Hat and Microsoft open up the cloud for customers 

This morning Microsoft and Red Hat announced an exciting partnership that will help customers embrace hybrid cloud computing…

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Alter Way delivers innovative, open source-based solutions 

At last week’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), partners got a first-hand look at how Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first vision…

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Sela Group helps customers transition to the Cloud 

When customers are considering a move to the cloud, they obviously start with the infrastructure they have in…

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Alter Way Is the Open Source on Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year 

Today we’re proud to name Alter Way the winner of the first annual Open Source on Microsoft Azure…