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Introducing Brady: our resident ninja sloth finds a home on GitHub

Brady is the super fierce mascot for open source solutions running on Microsoft Azure and we’re proud to share that, in true open source spirit, Brady’s designs are available on GitHub for everyone to remix and customize for their favorite technologies.
Brady has been circling the globe lately, from its first encounter with a non-ninja sloth at the Universeum in Gothenburg to community events and even occasional travels via US Postal Service. We’ve gotten lots of requests for the various laptop stickers and t-shirts with its likeness and the current GitHub repo includes JavaScript, Node, Python, Scala, and Spring versions, among others.
Brady is near and dear to our team, emerging last year from the wilds of Marina McDonagh’s mind as a metaphor for our own open source journey (hint: it may have taken us a while to get started, but it’s hard to not notice how fierce it is now). The team also bestowed Brady with its open cloud medallion, reflecting Brady’s ongoing pursuit to represent the most open cloud in the industry.
We hope you check out GitHub here and download the vector files and create your own adaptations of Brady. If you adapt Brady into a new design or variant, you can share it with us by opening a PR.
Of course, we always love to see Brady #NinjaSloth sightings via @OpenAtMicrosoft. Can’t wait to see where Brady goes next!